My Collections – Notgeld

I like stuff, collections of objects that stimulate the mind and comfort the soul.  Over the years I have collected all kind of things, including toy cars, sports cards, stamps, coins, military insignia, and bottle caps. I have been given collections of things like little bottles, old luggage stickers, antique keys, and glass paper weights.  I have bought collections of things like Mardi Gras doubloons and beer bottle labels.  Having interesting things around makes me happy!

One of the things I like to collect are notgeld.  Notgeld  are usually small, colorful banknotes, but sometimes coins,  and other things, that were issued primarily in Germany and Austria by local banks, municipalities, etc., to deal with a lack of small change.

I love notgeld because they have beautiful artwork, there are many, many different ones to collect, and they can be had quite cheaply. I buy most of mine from ebay.

Here is a gallery of notgeld from Flickr that I discovered through MeFi.