I made a super blinky!

I like to dabble in many hobbies.  One I have been trying to do more with so as to feel so guilty about having spent so much money on tools and equipment is electronics.

In the past I have wired up electric guitars, built an electric kazoo, repaired a car stereo, fixed laptop power jacks,  and fried a brain machine kit with my handy-dandy soldering iron.  This week I completed a cool LED blinky kit called a Lux Spectralis.

This kit is available from the designer’s website and also from Make: Magazine’s Maker Shed.  It has over 30 different, brightness, color, flash, and wash settings. The two I think are most useful are a five minute night light which runs at full brightness for a few minutes, then fades for a few minutes, before shutting off, and an hour night light that is on full for 30 minutes that fades for 30 minutes, before shutting off.

It was a fun and easy kit to build.  It took me about 30 minutes to solder together. The documentation was very clear, and at about $10, the price was right.


One Response to “I made a super blinky!”

  1. Zoetrope Says:

    Very cool!

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