A List From My Childhood

An incomplete list of movie novelizations I read since I wasn’t allowed to see movies at the theater as a kid-

Back to the Future

The Goonies


*batteries not included

I count not seeing Star Wars in the theater as one of the great tragedies of my childhood.

The first movie I saw in a theater was Tremors.  I went with a friend without my parents knowing. It was my Sophomore or Junior year of  high school.


Electric Uke Project – part 1

A few months ago I decided to build an electric ukulele. I have built a couple passable electric guitars in the past and thought that it would be fun to have another go, this time with something much smaller.

While ukuleles traditionally have hollow bodies, glued-on necks,  and nylon or gut strings, the one I am building will have  a solid body, bolt-on neck,  and steel strings, essentially built like a tiny electric guitar. I will use modified electric guitar parts for some of the hardware.

I decided take a look around the internet to see what was around for inspiration. I found several places with electric ukuleles similar to what I had in mind to build.  Elderly Instruments carries the Blue Star Konablaster with a bolt on neck, flashy iridescent finish, and a bridge made from an empty rifle shell.  Specimen Guitars make an absolutely beautiful custom solid body electric uke with a classic uke shape. The ukuleles from Jupiter Creek Music in Australia were the closest to what I wanted to build.

Next time – The Design!

Podcast Pick – The Toblowsky Files

You all have seen character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. He is one of those “Oh, its that guy!” guys. He played insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, Sandy Ryerson (the identical last name is not a coincidence) on Glee, and has had roles on Heroes, Deadwood, and too many other movies and television shows to name. You can check out the list on IMDB.

So a while back I’m in the iTunes Store looking for some new podcasts, and I see this one, The Tobolowsy Files,  that says it is just Stephen Tobolowsky telling true stories from his life. I figured that might be interesting, so I listened to one.

This is an amazing podcast. It is just Stephen talking about experiences from throughout his life that revolve around a general theme each podcast. He has talked about acting, being in a band with Stevie Ray Vaughn, being dosed with LSD on Christmas, being held at gun-point in a grocery store, and lots of other crazy, funny, amazing, and touching things. He is a wonderful storyteller, so many of the stories sound so crazy they must be true. These are so good that I can’t wait for the next one to be posted.

The inspiration for the podcast is a film called Stephen Tobolowsy’s Birthday Party. It is just him telling the same sort of stories that are in the podcast while he gets ready for during his birthday party. It is great! I got it though Netflix and enjoyed it a lot.

Boy/Girl Party – practice notes for 1/17/10

Plugged In
Dancing With Myself
Tell It To Me
Just Like Heaven
Blitzkrieg Bop
I Wanna Be Sedated
The Passenger

Discussion about revisiting songs we have put aside:
Bad Reputation
American Music
If You Want To Sing Out
Wave Of Mutilation (possibly on uke)

Discussion about recording practices and posting, and blogging about practice.

Five Years Time

worked on learning Stephanie Says

worked on Hey Ya! hand claps and uke riff

Wagon Wheel

Yum! Roasted Cabbage with Bacon

Last week I was in Kroger when I heard an overhead announcement. “Attention Kroger shoppers! We running a special on corned beef brisket back in our meat department.  It is marked down to just 99 cents a pound from the regular price of $5.99/lb.”  Woo hoo! I promptly ran to the back of the store, and filled my basket with lovely cow flesh. At that point I realized that 27 briskets were not going to fit in my freezer, so I settled on just three.  I went home put, two in the freezer, and decided to make the third in the crock pot.

“What,” I asked myself, “should I make to go with the corned beef?” I had seen a simple recipe for roasted cabbage with bacon posted on the kitchn cooking blog and decided to give it a try. Oops! No bacon. But I had ham pieces. Good enough. I figured I’ll make some, try a little with supper and save the rest to eat with the corned beef tomorrow when it is done.

It turned out so delicious! I had most of a head of cabbage for my meal.  I bought bacon and made some more , and it was even better! The one difficulty I had was keeping the cabbage wedges together when flipping them.  I served it with the corned beef to the boy. He thought the corned beef was okay, but loved the cabbage.  I also tried it with Brussel sprouts instead of cabbage, reducing the cooking time to about 20 minutes. Those were amazing too!

Roasted Cabbage with Bacon
serves 4

1 large head green cabbage, outer leaves removed
Olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 slices thick bacon

Heat the oven to 450°F. Cut the cabbage into quarters and slice the bottom of each quarter at an angle to remove the stem core. Cut each quarter in half again so you have eight wedges. Lay these down on a large roasting pan or baking sheet and drizzle lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper.

Cut each slice of bacon into small strips and lay on top of the cabbage.

Roast for 30 minutes, flipping the cabbage wedges once halfway through. If the edges aren’t browned enough for your taste after 30 minutes, put them back in for five-minute increments until they are.

Serve immediately; the wedges cool down fast.

(recipe via the kitchn)

Regular Blogging: A Resolution & New Beginning

For the second year in a row, I have made a New Year’s resolution to blog regularly.  Last year I started out so-so, and gradually petered out completely.  This year I will make a specific and public commitment to blog twice a week.  Feel free to harass me to hold me to it.