Podcast Pick – The Toblowsky Files

You all have seen character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. He is one of those “Oh, its that guy!” guys. He played insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, Sandy Ryerson (the identical last name is not a coincidence) on Glee, and has had roles on Heroes, Deadwood, and too many other movies and television shows to name. You can check out the list on IMDB.

So a while back I’m in the iTunes Store looking for some new podcasts, and I see this one, The Tobolowsy Files,¬† that says it is just Stephen Tobolowsky telling true stories from his life. I figured that might be interesting, so I listened to one.

This is an amazing podcast. It is just Stephen talking about experiences from throughout his life that revolve around a general theme each podcast. He has talked about acting, being in a band with Stevie Ray Vaughn, being dosed with LSD on Christmas, being held at gun-point in a grocery store, and lots of other crazy, funny, amazing, and touching things. He is a wonderful storyteller, so many of the stories sound so crazy they must be true. These are so good that I can’t wait for the next one to be posted.

The inspiration for the podcast is a film called Stephen Tobolowsy’s Birthday Party. It is just him telling the same sort of stories that are in the podcast while he gets ready for during his birthday party. It is great! I got it though Netflix and enjoyed it a lot.


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