Cory Doctorow podcast

I just heard word that Cory Doctorow is putting out a podcast of him reading his book Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.  It is one of my favorites by him.  It is a weird blend of sci-fi, techie, and magic realism.

One great thing is that Cory always releases his books under a Creative Commons license.  That means that free, legal e-book versions are available for download in many different formats shortly after the books are released.  He also, as in this case, sometimes makes podcasts of his books and short stories available for free.

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Some Things I Liked From Last Year (part 1- podcasts)

Inspired by my friend’s new blog, I decided to get my blog up and running.  My idea for the first few entries is to do a sort of “Best …… of 2008” for some different things.  Now, I get uncomfortable when I am asked to pick the best or my favorite this or that, so this is just some stuff I liked from 2008.

First off, three podcasts I started listening to last year.

RadioLab – Think of RadioLab as sort of the This American Life of science.  In fact, clips from RadioLab have been featured on This American Life.  In every episode they take a sciencey theme and explore it through interviews, stories, and artsy bits.  Among guests on the show have been Dr. Oliver Sacks and Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, two nerologists that are always interesting and have written some great books.

Sound of Young America – Sound of Young America is an interview show that has guests from the worlds of television, movies, comedy, music, and other cool things.  It bills itself as “A Public Radio Show About Things That Are Awesome”. You could consider it a hipper, and yet more geeky alternative to Fresh AireJohn Hodgeman is a frequent guest.

The Moth – The Moth podcast is people, both famous and not, who tell stories about themselves.  It is distributed by a group that puts on live storytelling events.  One of my recent favorites by someone you might of heard of is Joe Jackson talking about when he first started performing as a musician.