Electric Uke Project – part 1

A few months ago I decided to build an electric ukulele. I have built a couple passable electric guitars in the past and thought that it would be fun to have another go, this time with something much smaller.

While ukuleles traditionally have hollow bodies, glued-on necks,  and nylon or gut strings, the one I am building will have  a solid body, bolt-on neck,  and steel strings, essentially built like a tiny electric guitar. I will use modified electric guitar parts for some of the hardware.

I decided take a look around the internet to see what was around for inspiration. I found several places with electric ukuleles similar to what I had in mind to build.  Elderly Instruments carries the Blue Star Konablaster with a bolt on neck, flashy iridescent finish, and a bridge made from an empty rifle shell.  Specimen Guitars make an absolutely beautiful custom solid body electric uke with a classic uke shape. The ukuleles from Jupiter Creek Music in Australia were the closest to what I wanted to build.

Next time – The Design!


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